How Dump Truck Accidents Differ From Other Accidents


Dump trucks are large vehicles that can cause a substantial amount of damage. You might wonder what steps you should take after a collision with a dump truck, but there are fortunately truck accident lawyers who can help. A lawyer who has experience with dump truck accident cases can especially help given the unique characteristics of this type of crash. How Dump Truck Accidents are Different Due to the unique design of dump trucks, they will often cause debris to be spilled throughout your property.

17 May 2021

Tips To Help You Choose The Right Motorcycle Accident Lawyer To Represent You


Many people ride motorcycles, both recreationally and as their main form of transportation for commuting. While most motorcyclists are very experienced and defensive drivers, unfortunately, other people on the road do not always pay close attention, which puts motorcyclists at risk. Unfortunately, accidents between automobiles and motorcyclists are not uncommon. If you ride a motorcycle and you're involved in an accident that is not your fault, the best thing that you can do is hire a motorcycle accident lawyer as quickly as possible.

29 April 2021

Do You Have to Sue to Get Workers' Compensation?


If you get hurt on the job, you have the right to get compensation for your injuries. That compensation will usually come through workers' compensation. Is this something you need to sue for? Here's what you should know. What Is Workers' Compensation? Workers' compensation is a type of insurance. Employers buy it to protect their workers from workplace injuries and also to protect the employer from having to pay for those claims directly.

15 April 2021

Complications You Might Face With 3-Car Crashes


When you are involved in an accident with one driver, there is usually one party who is responsible for the accident assuming that you didn't take any actions that would lead you to be partially responsible. However, when three cars are involved, determining liability can be more tricky and you may need help from a personal injury attorney. An Example of a Three-Car Accident Four cars might be traveling on a road and the leading car comes to an abrupt stop.

25 March 2021

Taking Your Case To Court By Hiring A Skilled Truck Accident Attorney


Commercial over-the-road (OTR) drivers can put everyday motorists in jeopardy. These large and heavy trucks can cut drivers off in traffic. They can also cause collisions because of poor blind spots and not being able to see what is beside or behind them. When you have been involved in a wreck with one of these OTR drivers, you have legal options available to you. You can file a civil case and take it to court to hold the driver accountable by hiring a truck accident attorney to represent you.

16 March 2021

How To Prove Negligence In A Car Accident Case


If you are involved in a car accident, you need to prove negligence to succeed in your personal injury claim. It is important to hire a car accident attorney to help you with your claim. Here are some things you need to prove negligence. 1. Breach of Duty of Care The first thing a car accident lawyer will help you prove is the duty of care. This means they should prove that the at-fault party had a duty not to operate their vehicle in a manner that would injure others.

1 March 2021

Personal Injury: Understanding Pain And Suffering


In many personal injury cases, claimants are entitled to economic and non-economic damages. Economic damages are easy to quantify and include medical expenses and lost income, whereas non-economic damages involve complex considerations. One of the main forms of non-economic damages is pain and suffering. To claim pain and suffering, it's essential to hire personal injury lawyers. Here are some basic aspects of pain and suffering. What's Pain and Suffering? The two types of pain and suffering are physical and mental pain and suffering.

19 February 2021